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10 Miracle tips to prevent hair loss

Anna 18 May 2018 Hair Care

Hair loss is known to be one of the most common problems faced by people worldwide. Hair loss is known to affect over one-third of the world’s populat...

10 Best Skincare products for 2019 spring-summer

Anna 13 Apr 2018 Skin Care

Since the 2000s, the landscape of beauty has changed drastically, and there are a number of new skincare innovations that have dropped this spring to ...

Summer makeup tips

Anna 15 Aug 2018 Makeup

Doing your make up in the summer is not an easy task because all the heat and sweat can really take a toll on your makeup. You don’t want the makeup t...


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Best exercises to shape up your buttocks

Anna 22 May 2018 Fitness

Everyone is looking to get in shape as the summer is just around the corner. But for a lot of people, shaping up can mean different things. For some ...

Portion Control for Weight Loss: An effective technique guar…

Anna 28 May 2018 Health

Controlling your portion size is a key ingredient to any successful weight-loss program. It is based on the simple truth that many good weight loss at...