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Aspiration of progress is also natural and also useful. There is also a personal benefit of person and overall interest of society. In spiritual texts which are expressed in discourse of desire, their purpose is to return reward, to abandon impatience. There is no need to get confused with words used in vocabulary. consequences of bad deeds are found immediately, but ability and determination of a suitable reward for good deeds and lack of circumstantial compatibility of instrument can be different in quantity and duration of desired results.

Dancers have concluded based on various surveys and available evidence that the primordial-orangutan level was of the level. There was an abundance of animal tendencies in it, living and action were also of the same level. On the donations of nature, he used to live his life like the beasts and birds, and in the direction of progress, some of his steps would have been progressed.

Trillions of dollars are spent on humanity's destruction materials and military expenditure these days. International Peace Research Center has published a book in past. In which details of military expenditure of diverse nations have been given. This report is surprising. According to this book, in 1970s, countries around world have spent two hundred billion dollars on their arms. They impose same amount in work of human welfare like all nations of world, medicine, and education. Such amount is spent on army and officers. If this was spent on helping developing nations, it would have been enough for ten years.

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