All the creatures living in Nature's signings remain healthy. Birthdays are dying but they do not get sick. There is only one silly animal in world which calls sicknesses of Invitation- that is the man. Due to excessive use of sensory incontinence, its stomach gets worse. And there is a series of dysfunctional diseases.

 The inferior brain, at the time of violating cadres of celibacy, feels the power of power, lack of morale. Apart from this, other people of different natures take restraint and live happily and fulfilling all areas of life. It is all about relying on their selection.

The wise person states that you know your strengths and dignity and use it. The seed of Upanishad is the mantra- 'Knowledge of the Spirit' Know yourself and handle it. Those who know this should understand that whatever is known in this world, know everything. form of yoga is - being introvert, understanding your nature and force. Understanding the path that opens the path of self-welfare and closes the doors of the departed quartet of invasive calamities.

Buddha left the palace and went to penance in the intense forest to get self-knowledge. Having an introvert, seeing the great power and importance hidden within it. After all, they turned from the prince to be God. Under the banyan tree, they had realized. His name was wisdom tree. The Buddha devotees took a bite of his twigs and carried wisdom trees in their respective countries by those twigs who respected Buddha's representative.

Due to not understanding their true nature, only people live happily and continue to enjoy hell wrapped in devious evil practices. If the world recognizes itself as the lord of God, then, certainly, man will not be unreasonable in fulfilling his assigned responsibilities. Divine will grow his personality and not be confined to stomach reproduction like animal birds, will be involved in upgrading and cultivating the world garden. Whichever steps were taken on this route, it was decided that work was done. Make god from the trivial to the great, the small to the ubiquitous and the male.

In situation of male lust, craving, and egotism, and unhygienic conditions, they are seen doing spiritual discourse work. In the state of self-forgetfulness, they do not even feel shyness, fear, and hesitation, and continue to live in misdeeds. This situation is made only in the absence of self-realization. As the people of the level, these people are seen on the same day and dissolve in the same way and behave the same way.

This is a great privilege of man that he understands his nature. Fit soundtrack and change nature of life according to his pride. It will not be said that this format may be similar to those of great human beings, gods, sages and guides, in which there will be a feeling of becoming such a kind of exemplary, elegant, exemplary, remarkable, meritorious character, which will not be able to be happy without charity. God has given man six inches of stomach and six feet. He can fulfill the average Indian level with the diligence of two hours of daily work.

If the family is above the responsibility, then those members can be made self-respecting by making Self-supporting Self-worthy, that they should not be burdened with the throats of others, and by feeding the family institution, they can increase the beauty of the same farm and also feed them with grass. Can live Greed, craving, and madness of madness are to be imposed, so for the miserable life, whatever earnings it will have to be reduced.