Trillions of dollars are spent on humanity's destruction materials and military expenditure these days. International Peace Research Center has published a book in past. In which details of military expenditure of diverse nations have been given. This report is surprising. According to this book, in 1970s, countries around world have spent two hundred billion dollars on their arms. They impose same amount in work of human welfare like all nations of world, medicine, and education. Such amount is spent on army and officers. If this was spent on helping developing nations, it would have been enough for ten years.

This amount is 6 percent of world's income.This expenditure on weapons is increasing continuously. reason for this increase is competition of worst weapons, highest expenditure is on research and construction.'This decoration of death continues to increase. This increase is due to large nations. These countries create new weapons. Undeveloped nations and developing countries also have to buy arms for their safety. For this, they have to decrease expenditure on their development and work of mass Mars. According to US Disarmament and Ordnance Control Committee, in year 1969, $ 182 billion was reached in 120 nations of world in terms of military power. In 1970, it increased to $ 200 billion. It meant that all men and children are spending Rs 420 per annum for weapons per year. per capita income of India's year was less in this in 1970.

Not only India, but there are also 29 developing countries whose per capita income is much less than that.If money spent on arms and ammunition continues to grow, then in next ten years this amount will turn into three hundred trillion rupees. This amount will be so big that it will have to decide distance of thousands of rupees from earth to moon for seven and a half times. amount of economic inequality that is spent on removing twenty-fold weapons is spent on it. It was tripled from expenditure on health. In 1970, if money spent on it in all world had been invested in human welfare, then 200 million people could be provided beautiful houses. Today, world needs it, not war material.  So much money is spent so that one country invades another country, then its security can be ensured. What is punishment of man's civilization claiming to be civilized? Is it that he should take control of each other?Death sports are becoming increasingly costly. At some point, there was a minimal expense to kill an enemy soldier. This increased to hundreds of times in World War I and now ten times expense is normal. reason for this is creation of worst and most expensive expedient arms. No one is lagging in this competition, so new innovative weapons are being created new research centers are being opened. missile, anti-missile, anti-anti-missile, anti-pontoon-anti missile, etc. is such a weapon. By which they can destroy each other several times.