Everyone is looking to get in shape as the summer is just around the corner. But for a lot of people, shaping up can mean different things.

For some guys, shaping up will mean gaining a few pounds and buffing up their chest and arms, while for some it would mean losing a few pounds. Most girls and guys prefer to sculpt the perfect derriere that will give them the confidence to walk around the town in those tight new jeans or that perfectly fitted t-shirt.

If you are looking to target your glutes and shape up your buttocks, there are a lot of great butt exercises that you can do. Some of them are –


  • Dumbbell squats

    One of the simplest ways to kick-off a quickie workout would be to start off with these powerful little squats. Over time, you can increase the dumbbell weight or increase the reps to amp up the muscle tension.


  • Hip-lift progression

  • This one is an awesome way to relieve the tension in your lower back while working out your butt at the same time.


  • Toe Taps

    This exercise targets the looser part of your butt and gives it a major beating.


  • Single-leg front raises

    For this exercise, you will need to learn to balance. It is a multi-reward move that requires a lot of coordination and tightens the glutes.


  • Squat with kick-back

    This exercise is really good for toning up your quads and butt and making them strong.