Controlling your portion size is a key ingredient to any successful weight-loss program. It is based on the simple truth that many good weight loss attempts have been undermined by the tendency to add ‘a bit more’ especially if something looks good. People believe that it will either not matter or that it will somehow make up the difference elsewhere.

How does portion controlling for weight loss work?

You don’t really need to weight everything and measure everything even if you are on a diet. Your goal needs to be to understand and be in control of the portion sizes, especially if the food is high in calories. An expensive food scale is very helpful in that matter. You can even learn to appropriate the portion sizes by reading the levels, or by following the rule of thumb such as using a deck of cards to measure the serving of meat, chicken, or fish. The more whole fruits and vegetables you consume, the more you will be filled up with fewer calories, and the less you will have to worry about measuring other food items.

Best ways to make sure you are implementing portion controlling well

Once you are aware of how much you should eat, you must take the important steps to ensure the portion sizes are accurate. Here are some of the ways you can implement it –

  • Use smaller bowls and plates
  • Measure the food on a scale
  • Make use of portion control dishes
  • Always count your condiments