Nature's given aspirations remain intact on body and appear to be manifested in various forms of hunger, reproduction, anxiety, desire for survival, and various forms of ego. It was a matter of general flow that all living organisms would adopt different types of discussions to run movement of universe and end their lives.

Front side is one who can tell determination to take soul or consciousness towards high-level progress. In this there is a need to adopt divine flow, with belief in beliefs, intellect has to be employed spiritually. This is fundamental principle of spiritual philosophy and meditation, progress of consciousness of soul depends on it.

above statement should conclude that fundamental tendency of living is to be supervised in present form of aspiration and to see whether it is taking body forward and tendency of soul to rise higher together. There is no imbalance between two. Progress, degeneration occurs only through imbalance.

If a person is truly wise to say, then he should make a far-sighting of whole progress. If he can do so, then he should understand that he has become master of real knowledge consciousness. right use of that wealth has reached highest peak of progress and is done in every way. We should understand difference between progress and decadence and supervising current situation, we should have proper supervision of justification. It is well-being of individual and well-being of society in organizing ultimate merit of self-determination, which will be able to understand and accept it so that its future will be sure to be bright.

mind has to bear burden of implementing aspirations, beliefs, and feelings of soul. He plans same implementation and gives it to body, with help of knowledge and theories, he keeps doing gratified. direct action does body, so fault or credit can be found to it, but it is forgotten that root is made up of five elements. There is no ability to think about it and not to do it. Train, motorcycle, etc. Equipment vehicles are unable to do anything good because they are dragged by driver, and this mode is very variable in life.

Consciousness is affecting consciousness of soul. Ability and sophisticated souls mold mind, intellect, mind, and ego into structure of excellence through meditation. Consequently, personality is made of sophisticated level and aura of divinity appears in man art.