Today's biggest problem is to prevent abuse and adopt usefully. To get solution to depths of sea and to make composite of space, result is to conclude that criterion of determination will be adopted by adopting 'excellent dialogue' and deciding every level in its umbrella. Go away. high quality of human power is same. 'Belief in ideals'. This has given him generous co-operatives in fields of excellence and behavior in field of contemplation and his dignity has increased dignity.

More neglected this particularity will be, more disaster will arise and fate of destruction will increase. This phenomenon is called 'spirituality' in ancient language. If this word sounds obnoxious, then there should be no objection to giving a word like 'Visionary idealism'. This is criterion on which to improve blunders used in use of progressive progress and which is available, it is possible to utilize it in omnipresent. Also, by adopting this basis, proper orientation of science can be determined.

'Science has created immense miracles in world of matter. Now his job is to influence human thinking, character and folk traditions. In these areas, revoke ambiguous and unconsciousness in same way as he was given credit for material world to realization of realities of reality and credit of being founder of research of truth, and has done his great responsibility. This service alone will prove to be extremely heavy in comparison to grants presented in previous millennium. Swami Vivekananda had said, 'Whatever religion not be justified on scientific discipline, it should be destroyed.' As soon as these unnecessary dark traditions and idiots are removed from religion, it is fine. When all this happens, whatever will be saved, it will be very bright, eternal and adaptable. 'Virtually science and spirituality, wealth and dignity, wisdom and policy-coordination of integrity of our age greatest miracle would be considered. Intelligence, who is in field of science, must keep this age-religion.  In early days of scientific era, power of matter was believed to be and it was said that consciousness has no independent existence. belief was that world is substance. All constituents going by name of root-consciousness are mere matter. His destiny is like a substance. But now it's time to change that recognition. discoveries of last two centuries have developed this belief that consciousness has an independent existence.