Doing your make up in the summer is not an easy task because all the heat and sweat can really take a toll on your makeup. You don’t want the makeup to make a greasy layer on your face either.

So, how exactly should makeup be done so that it stays without giving you a lot of trouble? Here are a few summer makeup tips to help you get started:

  • Don’t forget to use a water-based primer. An oil-based primer will only make your face feel greasy and it might even make you feel hotter. The primer will help your makeup stay on for hours!
  • Do your makeup under the air conditioner or in a cool place. If you start your makeup at a very hot place, it’s not going to last as long. Make sure you’re in the air conditioner while you’re applying it.
  • Use a water-based primer. A water-based primer will help prevent your skin from sweating a lot and it will feel light on your skin.
  • Finish up with a matte translucent setting powder as the powder will help absorb excess oil and sweat which usually builds up in the summer.
  • Brighten up your eyelids with interesting and lively eyeshadow colors! You don’t want a dark look in the summer season because it can make you look and feel hotter than usual. (I mean the hot in the temperature scale, not the attractiveness scale!)
  • Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. You don’t want your sweat to wash down your mascara or eyeliner. It’s very important to invest in high-quality and waterproof mascara and eyeliners because the lower quality ones will smudge with your sweat and give you black circles. You don’t want to look like you’ve just spent hours crying, do you?
  • Don’t apply a highlighter. The sweat will give you a natural glow. Applying a highlighter will take the shininess to a higher than normal level and it will look like you’ve overdone your highlighter.
  • Before applying your primer, rub in a high-quality non-greasy moisturizer and let it settle for a few minutes. After all, UV rays are pretty harmful to the skin so you need to make sure your skin is protected from these rays!

So, what are you waiting for? Use these makeup tips to glam up in this summer! After all, the heat shouldn’t stop you from looking as stunning and pretty as ever!