Working area of incarnate power of god is an invisible world. In era of balancing era of contemporary community, task of eradicating immoral elements is done by them, in which chic inheritance of divine elements is found.

When types of problems arise, to correct imbalance, subtle world has originated from a divine consciousness. Grace Enterprise has been character of avatars only to handle staggering boat with her skill and strength, to save her from voracious vortex flows.

At beginning of creation, when water was water on earth and water body was dominant in animal kingdom, then muddy river had taken care of chaotic clutter. When a small fish seed appeared in Brahma's stoup, spreading form of great fish, Brahma was inspired to expand universe. Accordingly, Brahma filled creation with creation of universe and gods.

When movements of small creatures increased on both water and ground, turtle functioning with corresponding capability could balance time. great tribute to tapping sea churning nature started under his leadership. countless devotees of this world have achieved an unprecedented role in world progress.

narrow selfishness of diamond could only be used by monster to find hidden property in sea in water and suppress demonic power. That was done and purpose was complete.

Whenever insecurity exceeds ruthlessness, then on such occasions, it does not work decently. God saw primitive circumstances and understood need for coordination of male and lion. suppression of wickedness, protection of gentleness, fulfilled its assurance.

When there was a need to change tendency of monotony, accumulation, and consumption to liberality, eradicating that instinct, voice of small, dwarf and backward people grew under leadership of small God, and for generous distribution of a person like sacrificial Voluntarily agreed. This was a small god Avatar.

After them, Ram, Krishna and all avatars of war were same goals - increasing incest, resistance to demonic aggression and goodness, support of generosity, nutrition. Ram dismissed feudal lordship with Armed Forces. Cutting head of king's family was abolition of arrogant, arrogant, charlatans. In this way, Pars was able to accomplish that which no other human power could do. Rama emphasized establishment of boundaries and made earth immovable so that no barren limit could be reached. Krishna's policy was a man.