The people of that level will admire their evils in the evils spread in society. Other people who are more concerned about their activities in the jail terminally narrated their interesting and horrific descriptions are shocked to hear other people, but they are not ready to forget even when they are in field of opportunity. Think that such people can make shaving of anyone. They do not have any relation, they add friendship to whom they first legitimate.

The cunning or ruthlessness shown in the world not be a matter of pride or prestige for anyone, such people will hate hatred and humiliation with ten directions. Whenever there is an opportunity, they are not too late to turn their backs on the face. There are no admirers in the world of the wicked or the allies.

Even if the people of gentlemen did not praise their mouths further, every person from within has a respect for them and a sense of cooperation. It is not some kind of achievement of low importance. great men get great positions and prestige after rising from the normal position, due respect and cooperation available based on goodness is the main reason.

What a lesser honor it is for humans that it is God's Prince. To make this title meaningful, he should make his personality and personality so that it is in accord with that dignity, for this, his sanctity and high level of intensity should be manufactured. Personal desires should be reduced so that they can be called non-Brahmins.

God loves the Brahmin even more and his superiority is considered in all the four letters. There is only one reason for this that his subsistence is very simple and pride is so poor that do not feel humble even in asking for begging - it is the extreme limit of humility - just like every cast of a tree bearing fruit bends down.

There is only one way to attain realization of self-pride and achievement of public prestige-rationalism in virtuous charity and continuous trend in public service. Those who adopt this path are considered to be full of dignity and dignity in sight of others and others. Without it, other trails are trapped in the thorns and trapped in strife. The sun and moon continue to travel for selfless light distribution. The only work for the clouds is to bring water from the sea and to grow cold and greenish in a dry land.

The tree yields to others, the wind moves for others and the fire burns for others-this superb attitude gives them a lot of respect, more than this, the fulfillment of ego and what can happen. Man has been sent as a gardener of God's garden and has been entrusted with responsibility and willingness to make him beautiful, uplifted and cultured, with urgency and dignity. height of this diligence of which ego will become very lopsided. On this basis, soul-free emancipation will provide the life-giving pleasure of this body.