Military treaties and arms trade has a great effect on developing countries. They are embroiled in problem of livelihood of their countrymen, and on their back, there is an additional burden of war. Developing countries who load this load voluntarily, they fault Pakistan. This spree of arsenal has generated possibility of destruction of mankind, as well as molecular trials and immersion of molecular, has become a problem. New-new diseases arise due to molecular radiation Molecular trials and bomb blasts in ocean's womb have toxic effects on marine water, vegetation, and organisms.

Seas are tested and exploded. Molecules are inserted into residual ocean. Nuclear radiation has a bad effect on water. Monsoons that arise from these oceans feed side effects on earth which destroys human health.harm caused by these types of weapons is not new. It is depicted in Mahabharata as a pestle in form of figurative language and storyline. That is why this kind of scientific progress in India was curbing discrimination of spirituality. only way to save human beings on this verge of destruction is to forget that narrowed national instinct should create such a cultural consciousness at world level, that arms of arms should not be discouraged but heart of man is so vast that all at beings to be established. Indian culture can only become a stepping stone for this human development. In such a time, if resolutions are resolved to grant this grant to Indian suffering victims, then results will be visible.Nature has given so much intuitive knowledge to all creatures that they can continue their journey throughout their journey. So, there is no shortage of idiots in its interval. He is powerful with this vision. In absence of eligibility, why should anyone loot his wealth for misuse? Nature will not say misery, but he is not even short-sighted.

Whatever can handle, same should be given to him, in this context he has always adopted a practical approach. In this examination, man has always tried ahead and raised eye of corresponding nature and succeeded in capturing one valued one after another. Critical steps such as air pollution, molecular radiation, water pollution, excessive exploitation of energy sources, unlimited use of luxury means, creation of catastrophic weapons and increasing competition in their vast countries, is standing in front of a challenge like great flood. On one hand, problem is in front of intelligence idols of science field how to prevent this misuse and how to overcome many disagreements, crises caused by them. On other hand, there is another question in front of them that to fulfill purpose of making human beings happier, enter a new research area.